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Top Interior Designing Trends For 2020

As we approach the fag end of 2020. We would have fresh designs trending on the horizon. Each season people try to give a fresh and unique look to their home. New year beings new beginnings and the perfect time to renew your homes and step into a fresh look. An individual always tries to décor his home with the latest trends with the latest technology, hence it requires smart planning to choose interior décor for his home.  Well if you are planning for the renovation of your home then here are certain ideas that will be trending in 2020.

Environment theme with natural colours:- 

Living In the laps of nature is one of the biggest trends, people take occasional off from their work and try to spend time in nature, hence designing your interior with a natural theme can be an awesome decision. Having a wooden floor and adapting natural theme in your interior will make you feel, that you stay with nature all the time and this also looks pretty awesome when it comes to décor. Having floral wallpapers, fabrics are going to be a new trend in 2020. Having indoor plants and natural things like earthen pots, utensils will be a good idea for your interiors. The natural element will cause a strong impact on furniture in 2020. Also, this is a good idea to have fresh oxygen in your living rooms.

Smart home:- 

Having a smart home and controlling home appliances with the latest technology has become the latest trends, this is going to trend for years and years. Interacting with the latest technology has become a necessity for everyone. This leads to attracting people’s attraction towards adopting the latest technology. Now homeowners are also looking for home security systems. At the same time, they are willing to install high-end appliances and gadgets like wifi controlled LED screens, LED bulbs, remote-controlled wifi speakers, home theatre systems, etc. well, in short, installing the latest technologies seamlessly in your interior going to trend in upcoming years. Means accessing everything in your home on your fingertip going be a trend for years and years.

Gold, brass, copper and a metallic theme:- 

Metals are going to be the trend in all places in 2020. We are talking about the Gold, Tin, Brass, slivers and other metallic combinations. Gold is not a new trend, but still, it is in the good books of interior designers. As we all know that old is gold hence giving a metallic theme to your interior gives a royal feel. Mixed metal décor in the interior is going to trend and will be popular in upcoming years. A combination of gold brass and silver look royal and gives a unique look and creates a feeling of pride. Interior designers experiment with different things like brass, copper and design a warm and metallic look for your home, and no doubt this theme is also going to trend for years and years. You can select gold plated utensils, flower vase, brass center table and furniture for your home decor. Metallic finish to your home décor is going to be in trends for years.

Geometric Patterns:- 

Geometric patterns have been in trends for years and years. We have so much geometric pattern design that we can see it anytime and anywhere. Geometric patterns are so much popular that they are just everywhere like notebooks, wallpapers, home appliances. But it doesn’t mean that it is going out of trend very soon. As a result, geometric design is going to be balanced in 2020. You can choose the bold and vibrant pattern of geometry. You can choose classic and contemporary patterns of geometry in 2020 and no doubt it is not going to be out of fashion for years and years. It all about the strategy that how you choose to implement the geometric pattern in your home decor.

Experiments with textures:- 

Different textures like wooden, metallic, fabric, plain, rough are trending in the interior designing market. Trying different textures. Now walls are not smooth and white by default apartments are very interesting to see with different textures. We can hang different wall hangings and unique paintings to give depth to the walls. People experiment with wallpapers and flooring to make their home look gorgeous. Rug and fabric texture is on a trend nowadays and will remain in trends for a long time.


The greyscale theme looks stylish in the home interior. Well, greyscale includes the color variation between black and white. Black and whites are both act beginning and ending of the color spectrum. The greyscale theme couldn’t be a great strike, but when it comes to contrast between the light and dark they both can act as sward for interior designing experts. These colors can be used like black sofas and chairs with white pillows. There are so many textiles and patterns that come with the number of combinations of these two colors. In 2020 interior designers can look forward to endless possibilities of home decor in the upcoming year.

Hence there are different combinations that an individual can try for his home décor. He can go for a natural theme or on the other hand, he can choose to stay in a luxurious smart home in which everything is on his fingertips. So it depends upon an individual’s choice that how he wants to make his home décor. If you are willing to have a renovation of your home you can choose any one of the above but you must consult a professional interior designer. We have professional interior designers who can easily guide you to choose the best interior that is going to remain in trends for years and years. Wagma brings in over two decades of experience on how to remain trendy and stylish for years to come and have the apt interiors to suit your taste.

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