Right Placement of Lord Ganesha Idol in Your Home According to Vastu

Ganesha Chaturthi is just around the corner and we know that you might already be looking for home decoration ideas, recipes for delicacies and more. Most importantly, you might want to know what is the ideal way to place Ganesha Murti in your home.

Lord Ganesha, the god of prosperity, happiness and health, is believed to be one of the most auspicious of all Indian divinities. Indian tradition places much importance on worshipping Lord Ganesha in particular prior to each important occasion. But, many homeowners overlook the importance of placing Ganesha’s statue at home, and, more importantly, in the proper place. If the idol is placed in the right place, it brings prosperity, health and wealth. It also eliminates any obstacles. However, if placed in the wrong direction, it can do more harm than good.

If you’re thinking of bringing Ganesha to your home, consider these Vastu suggestions, which are also widely accepted by most home interior designers, for Ganesha idol placement to assist you further.

1. Colour of the idol. 

White is the colour of peace and prosperity and thus people seeking these must consider pacing a white idol of Ganesha at home or they may stick photos of White Ganesha in their home. That will be equally beneficial. Similarly, people seeking self-growth and development must place a vermilion-coloured idol at home. Vermilion colour is considered auspicious in Indian culture.

2. The posture of the idol

When getting a Ganesha Murti for your home, please pay close attention to the posture of the idol. For worshipping at home, an idol of Ganesha in the lalitasana, which is the sitting position, is ideal. 

3. Direction of the trunk

According to Vastu, the ideal direction of the trunk of sitting Ganesha should be tilted to his left. This is said to bring happiness and success. Vastu explains that the sitting posture of the Ganesha idol represents a calm and composed demeanour and encourages a peaceful environment at home. If you desire luxury, comfort and wealth, then you should get a Ganpati in the reclining pose.

4. How many Ganesha Idols can you place in your home?

According to Vastu, you should not place more than one idol of Ganesha at home. Vastu suggests having two or more idols upsets Ridhi Sidhi and just counteracts their energy. They say that although it is a personal choice, it is always better to have only one Ganesha Murti.

5. Placing Idol in the Right Direction

Vastu experts recommend that the north, west, as well as northeast direction, are ideal to place the Ganesha idol. It is recommended to place the idol facing the north direction since that is where Lord Shiva lives and is believed to be extremely favourable. Make sure that the side of the Ganpati murti or the image is in the direction of the main entrance or exit of the house. Do not place the idol facing south as it is not suitable. 

6. Where not to place the idol?

Never place the Ganesha idol in the bedroom, garage, laundry room, underneath staircases and of course bathrooms. These places are considered inauspicious to place the lord’s idol. 

7. Pay Attention to the Little Details

Ganesha loves his modak and the mooshak, or mouse, is his vehicle. Therefore, when getting an idol of Lord Ganesha for your home, make sure that it has a tiny mouse and modak as a part of it. The mouse symbolizes all-pervasiveness. While the modak is an offering to the lord and prasad for his devotees. 

Now that you know all about the right placement of Ganesha Idol at home, you may plan on getting one for your home this Ganesha Chaturthi 2022. May God Ganesha blesses you with peace, prosperity, happiness and success.

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