Lockdown Opening – How to get your interiors done with hygiene and safety?

Everything has its both positive and negative impact, so does the Covid-19, Mortality is suffering with lockdown, financial instability and on the other hand earth is healing itself. Covid-19 has changed their perception about the cleanliness and sanitation; they are acting very diligently on this matter. Clean surroundings and social distancing is the two major players helping us in fighting this pandemic. We can’t stop our daily routine activities so many of us our working from home which is considered to be the safest option with respect to the current situation. But our homes can also have infectious germs, using hand sanitizers, washing hands as per WHO guidelines can be a great help but, what else we can in order to attain a healthy lifestyle?

The healthy life isn’t only about food and exercise it also includes the king of environment and interior you are living in, here are some of the basic but important tips one should follow to get your interiors done with hygiene and safety.

Deep Cleaning of your Surface is the Key

Cleaning your house on daily basis for now is the most important and the right thing to do. Mopping the floors to dusting the every corner of your house is essentials, don’t forget to clean the surfaces and sanitize every corner which may get unnoticed by us but are frequently used by the family members such as TV Remotes, Doorknobs, railings. To avoid bringing the germs in the house one remove their shoes outside the house and keep a pair of flip-flops in the house, this will ensure both the cleanliness and curb the germs.

Use Natural and Comfy Fabrics

Don’t forget to change your bed sheets on a regular basis; cleansing them with hot water will not only remove the germs but also makes for bed spreads refresh and soothing. Natural fibers is always the best choice one can make, they are eco-friendly, Comfortable, reasonably priced and also looks stylish with your interior. There are a lot of natural fabric material sheets available in the market which are made of banana leaf oak tree cloth and with their unique hand rafted design on them. If you want to convert your house with organic and eco-friendly fabrics use must consider brands like IKEA which is famous for its environmental friendly and stylish products.

Indoor Air Purification

In this pandemic, air purifiers are considered to be our best friends. Though we all are intact in our house, still there will be dust particles and germs in the air and this can cause respiratory disease. Fortunately we have technology which can soak in the polluted air and can turn it into the healthy and easy to breathe air quality. The purification machine will take care of the air quality of your house.

We all are home arrest so is our work, get the office feels by adding the cheerful colors to your décor and kill all the blues. These essentials will help you in living a healthy and safe lifestyle.

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