Is Your Home Festival ready?

Simple & easy home decor tips for you

When the wind cools, days get shorter, and the chilly evenings invite you to think about celebrations with family & friends, FESTIVE SEASON is here!

It’s that time of the year when you can flaunt those gorgeous aromatic candles, take out your finest silks, and splash color & sparkle to every corner of your dreams and your home.

When it comes to decorating the house for an Indian festival, there are manyways to keep your space looking warm and beautiful every day while providing a joyous ambience for your guests.

This Diwali, we provide you with a list of our most simple festive home décor tips that can make it easy to create a magical vibe indoors.

Placement is everything

While decorating your home for the festive season, it is important to focus on key areas that will instantly attract your guests and make your space lively and inviting. 

Start from the entrance of your home. You can either decorate your entrance with quirky wall hangings mounted on the main door or border it with dainty streamers that strike the perfect balance of sophistication and fun. If you are living in a gated community, don’t forget to decorate your balcony with lights to stand out in the building, or better yet, decorate the corridor with your neighbours and light up the entire floor!

It is also a great idea to welcome your guests with traditional kolam designs drawn at the entrance with rice flour or chalk powder. You can add glamour by using colour powder to fill up the designs and placing miniature diyas in the corners.

Make the most of the festive sales

Come October and it rains sales across all the e-commerce stores in India.

Make the most of this opportunity and buy those home accessories you have been eyeing for long. From designer showpieces to that corner decorative, adding some trendy accessories will certainly add life to an otherwise dull room.

Buy a combination of a few small accessories that can be scattered around, along with one or two dramatic pieces that can work as a focal point.

Add colours

Diwali is all about colours and light. To bring in the festive mood, up the colour quotient in most of your dreams. From colourful bedding to decorative cushions, from royal curtains to rugs, replace the neutrals with bright, glittery reds, blues, and greens.

Bring out the old photos and get them nicely framed and place them on empty walls.

Don’t forget the rangoli for some beautiful blend of colours that will brighten up your doorway.

Create dramatic visual impact with designer ceilings

A designer ceiling can create a dramatic visual impact. From an array of designer ceilings to crazy chandeliers, you can have a festive makeover for your ceiling. If a chandelier seems like an expensive option, you can go for affordable choices like a paper lamp or Chinese lantern.

Go Indian with the curtains

Celebrate the finesse of Indian fabric and change your curtains for an immediate lift. A mix of Chanderi curtains with a decoration of raw silk can light up even the most boring houses. And the fact that they allow a whole more light is like a bonus. Make cushions covers from old silk sarees. And go even bolder – How about a raw silk table cloth, table mats and runners?

Light up traditions

Ditch the modern-day scented candles and opt for traditional diyas instead for a different experience. 

Decorate the diyas on your own, and if you are missing the scent, add some scented oils to the diyas. Complete the look with LED string lights, and some bold-coloured statement lanterns. A mix of traditional and modern can make your house look wow and guests go aww.

Flowers and more

Marigolds are perfect for festive home decoration. The more the merrier! Use them to decorate the doors, staircases, balconies, and of course, the entryways. Add some rose, lotus and ‘bandanwar’ made up of mango leaves, and the house will speak of the festive spirit around.

A traditional bowl with a few jasmines and rose petals floating around near the doorway – pure heaven!

Unwrap those gifts from last year

Do you still have gifts from last year’s festive season lying around unwrapped? Perhaps, now is the time to unwrap and see what can be done with them. From finally using that dinner set that has been lying around for eternity to wrapping some of the gifts for recycling this year, nothing screams festival as much as an array of wrapped gifts lying around.

Decorate Temple

The pooja room/ temple are the most ideal location to decorate your home at Diwali. Laxmi pooja is the major part of Diwali and it takes place in a temple. You can decorate the temple with flower arrangements, such as roses, marigolds, and mogras. Write ‘ShubhLabh’ with KumKum on the white paper and keep it near the Lakshmi idol or photo.

Indulge in aromatherapy

Take your home interior-game up a notch by indulging in décor that caters to all the senses of your body. While making your home visually appealing, it is equally important to enhance it with a refreshing scent, lingering through the rooms and corridors. You can either opt for pretty potpourri bowls placed strategically in every room or use scented candles with a gorgeous candle stand to add an element of drama. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of fragrances – from aqua scents to floral perfumes – to refresh your mind, body and soul. Scented candles and potpourri can be placed in any room of your house, creating an aromatic envelope of love and warmth wherever you are. They also add to the look and feel of your home because of their elegant packaging and spectrum of colours. You can also try placing flat candles in a shallow bowl of water and watch the reflections dance with the flames.

Remember, whatever you do to decorate your home for the festive season should reflect your taste and style. Festivals are all about celebrations. Don’t get too stressed about decorating your home.

Just enjoy the whole process and make sure you are enjoying every bit of the festive season.


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