Home Therapy with Amazing Interiors

Home Therapy with Amazing Interiors

A home is a place that a person inhabits and looks forward to returning. A positive and happy home tends to affect the mood of any human being. Imagine returning from work or any trip and as soon as you twist the key bolt and open the doors, the soothing colors of the walls welcome you. The picture sounded fun and tempting, right? Today’s busy lifestyle has left minimal options for a person to revitalize. Every person in this world is a workaholic. The 9-5 schedule, the workload at the office leaves a bare minimum time to heal your soul. Feeling sequestered within this mundane routine, one should at least have a home that acts as a payoff at the end of the day.

Good interior design not only reflects a personal taste but also makes your living abode feel lively and positive. Always remember that a positive home is a happy home. No one in the world would want to return to a dwelling that has offbeat colors that decrease productivity and spoil the mood. Enough said about having a bright and positive home, let us now check the various aspects of home therapy and how it plays such a vital role in a person’s life.

Why is it best to have a good interior design?

It has been proven by Psychology time and again that while doing the décor of your home interiors, you should always keep your favorite feelings in mind. Take a journey to your inner self and then decide on what are the colors that make you feel happy and rejuvenated. But before you begin to decide to ask yourself a few sample questions:

  1. How should your home feel when you enter?
  2. Does it require more color or a better air circulation?
  3. What are the colors in your mind for the showpieces added to your home?

Today there is an enormous range of colors and artifacts available in the market for accentuating the interiors. Stay true to your feelings as no one can decide better than you. Also, you can seek help from any consultants in this matter if ever there is a quandary in your mind.


Room Therapy For Positive Ambiance at Home

We took a survey and visited the best homes in our area to see what they actually invest in. Based on our survey we have rolled out important aspects that a home should definitely possess.

  • Say it all with an elegant living room and Kitchen:  The living area and Kitchen in any home are the places where a person spends most of the time. So it is best to keep it simple yet stylish. Try adding pieces of décor that are sleek and very basic. The drapes, carpets, cushions, and curtains in the living area should be more of a light color that should let the light come and go easily. Most of the kitchens now come with a modular setup. In that case, it would be better to go for light hues like yellow, pink or beige when choosing the color of the cabinets.
  • Add a layer of comfiness in the master bedroom: The master bedroom in every home is the ideal place to unwind after the long day. So while choosing artifacts and linen for the master bedroom try rich colors like purple, yellow, light blue, and peach that will project a dominant yet subtle vibe to the interiors,
  • Encompass Drama for the dining room: People often repeat the mistake of underestimating the dining area. If not the most frequented area of your home station, the dining still forms the base for all conversations with loved ones and guests. Therefore while designing the dining choose things that evoke a style statement like designer dining set, cutlery, and dinner set for striking the right note with the first impression.
  • Keep it minimal yet romantic for the bathroom: This area can be clearly classified as a veteran in every household. So while choosing décor for the bathroom like bathrobes, towels choose fabrics that are soft and exude warmth.
  • Vibrant and Chic for Kids Room: The kid’s room should be full of happy colors like red, olive, orange as it will help them to feel comfortable and warm in their personal space.

Color Therapy To Suit Your Mood and Taste

Colors also play a major role in affecting people’s moods. So before taking the plunge as to what color should go in which room let us take a brief analysis of the different color patterns for the interior:

  • Neutral colors: The colors which broadly fall into this category are brown, white and black. As black is not recommended as a dominant hue it is generally added in the form of statement pieces to instantly gravitate attention of onlookers. Brown, on the other hand, represents a natural and relaxing touch and white reflects purity.
  • Warmer colors: There are two major colors in this category one is red and the other is pink. While red is the embodiment of passion, pink stands for happiness and peace.
  • Colder Colors: Blue and Purple are the only colors that fall in this category. Blue stands for confidence and purple on the flip side represents luxury and wealth.

Apart from all the changes mentioned above, one can also add an edgy touch to the interiors by introducing items from Feng Shui. It is true that the interiors of the home play a major role in redefining the mood. Choosing an interior design is only one aspect of the whole bunch. The owner shall also be perspective enough to think beyond the colors of the wall and decide on its natural impact on the habitats. It is also important to arrange your furniture in a neat and organized manner, for delivering more impact to the dwellings. Every design is a choice that you have made and therefore will have a distinct psychological impact on your subconscious. So before conceptualizing the living space think from all angles and then only tread further as there is more important than a peaceful home which doesn’t add to the chaos of the outside world.

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