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Best Luxury Bedroom Interior Designers in Gurgaon

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At the end of a long day, where do we all go to relax? Our bedrooms. Our private space to feel our feelings, whether happy or sad. To be alone to savour our victories, or mourn our losses. 

Our bedrooms are our safe haven. It’s very important to get the bedroom’s design right – as per your needs, taste and style. We present to you a few bedrooms that we are especially proud of. Hope you get inspired from these!

Modern Chic

This bedroom is perfect for someone whose style quotient is modern and eclectic. It is a chic bedroom with a statement wall piece behind the bed. The room has spacious interiors with lots of marble & glass to give it an edgy feel. This is a bedroom that energizes!

Boho Chic

The bedroom here is mostly for a single person who can redefine regular bedroom designs with some useful but unique furniture and decorating articles. Combining white with a bold and colorful art piece on an equally colorful wall is something not everyone can take to. Yet, this bedroom invites in for a restful time.

Elegant Simplicity


A bedroom that invites and soothes after a long day. A cream/beige colour scheme with splashes of color to bring an air of sophistication. Elegant art pieces and simple decor add to the charm of this bedroom. 

Opulent Beauty


This bedroom design is perfect if you want your room to have a rather opulent and lavish interior without burning a hole in your pocket. The false ceiling with recessed lighting utilises the tall height of the space and makes the room look oh-so-gorgeous. The lavish look of the room is highlighted by a gorgeous, ornate butterfly; a completely unexpected accent when you first see it. The simple & stylish dressing area with a round mirror just adds to the overall luxurious effect. 

Below is another Opulent bedroom style.

Warm & Cozy

This bedroom relaxes you, it transports you to a tropical bungalow. This bedroom is ideal for people looking for cozy interiors. The wall behind the bed is styled with a beige wallpaper that reflects light in the room, keeping it bright and shiny. The beige colour scheme is complemented by solid wood furniture and large windows that bring nature inside.

Contemporary Design

The room has a sandstone colour scheme with twists of blue and brown that add vibrancy to the room. This room’s design is great for a small bedroom space.


This bedroom has a warm and soulful design that is incredibly gorgeous but amazingly simple. This small Indian bedroom is styled with a refreshing white & brown colour scheme on the walls and the ceiling. The bedroom has an airy, liberal vibe that is accentuated by sparkling lights. This bedroom design is perfect for millennial Indian couples who like things subtle and minimalistic.

Some themed styles


Monochrome with Splash of Red



Enjoy decorating your home into a space that lets you be. 


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