Embrace Minimalist Interior Designs in 2022

Minimalism has become the new trend of 2022 and we feel it is here to stay. The place you call home is to recharge, relax, and reenergize yourself. But that’s difficult when you’re in a crowded space. Minimalism is all about getting back to the basics and focusing on simple, functional design elements. Thanks to this frugal style, minimalism is the key for affordable and efficient home-making. Designers are moving away from over-the-top decor and adding space, instead.

What is minimal interior design? 

The concept behind everyday minimalism seeks comfort in simplicity. Most interior designers follow a “less is more” approach while designing minimalist homes and encourages us to keep things that provide us with joy or serve some specific purpose to us in the present. This means that we must get rid of everything that doesn’t belong in either of those boxes. Hence we must take a long, thoughtful look about the things we have and the reasons behind it.

What makes a minimalist interior? 

The features of minimalist room design include:

  • Simple, clean lines in decor and furnishings
  • The focus should be on form and function instead of decoration
  • Palettes of neutral and monochromatic colors
  • Color as an accent rather than a primary focus
  • Simple and restrained
  • The absence of clutter and the smart storage
  • The value of natural light
  • Organic and easy movement throughout the space

According to our expert luxury interior designers, here are a few things to keep in mind if you choose to adopt minimalism for your home interiors:

Less is more: Minimalism is based on the principle “Less is more”. Avoid using over-the-top decor items and try to keep things simple. Simple shapes and neutral monochromatic colors are some visually pleasing elements without making the environment look too busy, but add great interest and warmth into a space.

Add Natural elements: Green plants are welcomed in minimalist settings. So if you cannot be without your green companions do not worry, they will be a highlight in your newly less-cluttered house. Plants are a great method to decorate a room without adding any furniture or decor that can detract from the minimalist feel. Natural elements are an essential element in my minimalist designs, which may include naturally-grown woods and huge crystals. They enhance beauty and mood of the space.

Clear the clutter: Clearing the clutter is obviously essential for those who want to move towards minimalist design for their home. It’s time to let go of things you no longer need or want. This is more than just decor for your home. Be mindful of letting go of clothes, beauty products and kitchen appliances that are just cluttering up your closet. In addition, letting go of the excess items can bring huge feelings of fulfillment.

Multi-purpose furniture is the way to go: What could be a better addition to your room than multi-purpose furniture? Minimalist homes aren’t stuffed with furniture, and the pieces that do make the cut must be highly functional. Multi-purpose furniture pieces that offers storage as well are essential to an uncluttered home. For instance, Ottomans equipped with lids for storage are great seating options for guests who come by, and also serve as footrests or side tables.

Good Lighting is the key: When we talk about lighting, it means both the natural light that comes into a room and the artificial or accent lighting. Both play a key role in the decor of a room. The right kind of lighting can go a long way in setting the mood for your living spaces.

Antique vases and decor pieces: Another trick that works for minimalist decor is to add decorative accents and pieces to bring an aesthetic look to your living space. If you want to inject minimalistic style into a space, something as simple as an abstract painting on the wall and a ceramic vase can be eye-catching objects that exude elegance and sophistication. The right decor can entirely switch up the look of the room.

Embrace the “One In, One Out” Rule: If you are planning to opt minimalism, you must embrace the “one in, one out” rule. This rule simply means if you get a new piece of furniture of decor, get away with another piece that you already have in your home which is not adding any utility to your home. This way you stay clear from the clutter and keep your space clean and organized.

The Bottom Line. 

Minimalism is not just a style of interior decor, but it is a lifestyle you have to actively adopt. It is based on the principle of beauty in simplicity. Minimalist interiors are not only sleek and stylish, they also require a lot less maintenance and are easier to clean compared to your more traditional styles.

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