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Drool-Worthy Living Rooms and Kitchens


Neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride. Remember this old Onida TV ad with the green devil? We all do.

These days Wagma’s mission is to build Instagram-worthy homes that cause the neighbors to turn green with envy, and the owner to swell with pride.

Let’s first tackle the Living Room (or Drawing Room as they are often called in India) and the Kitchen. What are the key attributes of a good design? How can we achieve aesthetics while maintaining functionality?

After all, a family spends the maximum time in these 2 spaces.


A living room is the soul of your home. That’s why you must never leave a stone unturned when it comes to living room decor. The thought of living room furniture and decor may overwhelm you but not if you put a plan together. From the paint, accessories, furniture to their arrangement — there are so many options to choose. You will never run out of options!

To make the process easier, you could start by identifying your decor preferences / styles – Modern, Classic, Traditional, Farm, Casual, Formal etc. For instance, for a modern living room, you will have to ensure a clean and mostly empty space with a few eye-catching accessories.

Take a look at these tips to explore useful ideas for living room furniture decor.

Arrange The Furniture Well

Often, we are stuck with a basic living room decor challenge — arranging the furniture. Not having a plan also adds to our misery. We end up randomly arranging the sofa or just placing chairs without fixing a spot.

Try a few different placements and arrangements, stand back and see the whole room in a wide view. And let each arrangement stand for a day to really feel how it looks.

Layer up the Living Room Decor with Rugs

Whether it’s winter or any other season of the year, the magic of rugs never dies down. Thanks to their plush prints, therapeutic textures and soul-soothing fabrics, they appeal to both homeowners and guests. Most importantly, rugs lift the vibe of your living room and reveal your taste.

On that note, get a rich rug, either custom-made or from your favorites art house, and see it unravel some magic right there in your living room.




Choose Statement Furniture

While you might choose a normal coffee table or ottoman for your living room, it wouldn’t have much of an impact. We suggest choosing a rather abstract coffee table and a piece of contemporary side furniture that breaks the monotony of your living room.

Throw Some Bold Contrast into the Furniture

Want to do something different in your living room? Break the theme. Place a modern, plush wing chair or set up indie wallpaper in the background to revitalize your living room. Go Bold.


Any Indian home you visit, the kitchen is the centre of creation – Food, Beauty, Health, Joy and Nurturing.

Our kitchens are where we cook, eat, entertain and socialise, so it’s important to create a kitchen design that ticks all these boxes – and more. For a busy family home, a fitted kitchen is a bespoke solution that will offer fantastic functionality and streamline the space to make the most of every inch. Renovating a kitchen is a smart bet for increasing the value of your home, so that beautiful kitchen island could turn into a great investment for the future.

Ready to get started? Browse through our kitchen ideas galleries below to see a huge range of styles or narrow your search to modern kitchens, traditional kitchens or country kitchens if you’ve got your heart set on a specific look.





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