Current Trends in Modern Interior Design

Current Trends in Modern Interior Design

When you want to design the interior of your home with the help of a professional, it makes sense to check out the current trends in modern interior design. That will enable you to look more closely at trends that resonate with you and can be customized to suit your home.

Some of the latest trends in interior design are as follows:

Warm Colors are Back
The best interior designers will tell you that colors can make or break interior designs. Previously, cool colors were used for designing interiors but now the trend is towards warm colors. And, out of the warm colors, the preferred ones are all shades of red, tangerine, and orange.

Curves are In and Straight Lines are Out
The days of minimalist straight lines are long over. The current interior design trends have shifted to curves and smooth edges to give homes a casual and comfortable feel. Comfortable chairs, circular mirrors and furniture, and overstuffed sofas are making a comeback.

Bold and Vibrant Wallpaper
In places, where humidity is not an issue, bold wallpaper has become the latest interior design trend. Animal figures, geometric patterns, abstract shapes, and landscape sceneries are dominating the wallpaper scene as they are viewed as a form of art and expression.

Statement Ceilings
Ask interior designer services and they will tell you that statement ceilings are the latest trend in interior design. Homes are shifted to bold patterns, painted art, and mirror fixtures on the ceiling. It ends up giving a room quirky and interesting feel.

Nature is Coming Indoors
With most tier 1 and tier 2 cities transforming into concrete jungles, homeowners want nature in their homes. Green and flowering plants along with wood, marble, pebbles, and granite are dominating interior design trends. Natural elements appear to play a major role in homes nowadays.

Monochrome is Back
Black and white finishes were considered elegant but after a few years, the monochrome palette took a back seat. However, it has made a comeback as people look to make their homes classy and chic. Black and white wall color and furnishings provide a bold yet minimalistic vibe, just what homeowners are looking for.

Flexible Living Space
With space becoming an expensive commodity, interior designers are making spaces multi-functional. Fold-out tables and chairs can transform a room from a living room into a dining room. The clear distinction between designated spaces has blurred as a result. This enables homeowners to maximize the usage of space regardless of how small their homes are.

Innovative Use of Concrete
Earlier, concrete was used primarily for the floor or making kitchen countertops. However, interior designers have started using concrete in a more innovative way. You may think that concrete accents may make your home look dull and grey. However, combining concrete with bright and warm colors, like reds and yellows, will brighten up your living space and make it look welcoming and unique.

In Conclusion
These are the latest trends in interior design and if you want to incorporate these trends in your home, look for the best interior designers, who understand your needs and are aware of these trends.

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