Add style to your room by having the perfect rug for those cozy winters. Deciding on what to buy and on what material to use can be confusing. The market has so many options and with this blog Wagma would help in deciding the perfect rug.

1. Area rug:-

Adding an area rug to a bedroom provides a whole host of wonderful benefits! Incorporating antique or vintage carpets is a great way to make a statement about one’s personality while adding some style to their room.



An area rug can tie other stylistic choices in a room together and gives the impression of completeness. An area rug is great, if not for any other reason than to protect the floor from potential damage.



2. Choosing the right size for your bedroom:-

Its very critical at this stage to have the size right of the beds and the room so that rug fits in snugly. The dimensions to be taken into account and for a large size bedroom , the rug was be placed at the footer of the beds . This looks nice and adds to the décor of the room.



For a larger size bedroom where there is also space for amenities such as a desk, vanity, or seating arrangements, small area rugs  can be used to section off and create different spaces in the bedroom with great effect. This approach will break up the bedroom into different areas and will give the bedroom a more open feel

3. Make sure to buy the best material:-

Silk rugs look great and can add some excitement to a room but pets and heavy traffic may leave the bedroom rug worse for wear sooner than later. For some more durable options, Cotton and wool are easy to maintain and are durable.

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