Build Luxury Home Interiors On A Budget

Don’t we all love the idea of a luxurious home? Yet it seems so unattainable. Hearing the word “luxurious” makes us think of all the “high-end aesthetics”, and expensive decor that will make us empty our pockets. But what if we tell you that you can redesign your home on a budget? Yes, it is totally achievable to give a luxurious look to your home on a budget, all you need to do is make some tweaks here and there to add that luxe quotient. 

Our expert luxury interior designers suggest that from exquisite wall finishes, artwork, stunning chandeliers, exclusive door finishes and even panels, and add that oomph factor with some curtains, the options are endless. Let’s take a look at some easy and elegant ways in which you can create your luxurious home within the budget.

1. Use Lighting Like A Pro

Lighting plays a very important role in deciding the look and feels of a room and that involves both, natural and artificial lighting. A well-designed lighting arrangement can bring the  WOW effect to your living space and assist you in creating your dream home within the budget. Instead of settling for the same type of lighting arrangement, you can make a mixture of various types to highlight specific areas. 

Choose table and floor lamps to draw attention to specific spaces that are interesting to you. Set your Chandeliers as centrepieces and also add a pendant lamp over your dining spaces. Combine it all by adding some ceiling or recessed lighting. Make sure you’re incorporating the natural light that you have in equal measure to your lighting fixtures.

2. Decorate With Striking Art Pieces

There’s a misconception that art is expensive! To appreciate art that is striking there is no need to shell out a large sum of money at an art gallery, or even hire an artist consultant. There is plenty of art that can be found in local art stores, and online portals that offer a variety of budding artists who have created stunning works.

If you’re unsure of how to start, you should identify your decor first. Be sure that the art is either in line with or complements the style of the décor. If, for instance, minimalism is your style, pick a beautiful art piece that is in tune with the tone of your colour palette. If you prefer a more flamboyant preferred style, then you can go crazy with your colours. Sculptures and art are crucial in the creation of the perfect luxury house on a budget.

3. Exquisite Fixtures

Small details can have a much larger impact on your decor. Details such as drawer pull knobs, hands fixtures, and sockets are the best way to create a beautiful interior. There are many cheap ways to upgrade these fixtures that won’t cost a fortune, in particular if you start with materials such as brass or bronze. These beautiful materials, when utilized in smaller amounts set against a simple backdrop will create a timeless appearance and will help you build a home that is luxurious on an affordable budget.

4. Play With Window Treatments

Beautifully decorated windows are an essential element in elegant interior design. Window sills are often decorated with elaborate or trim curtains that frame your glass windows. The room will be taller by putting your curtain rod as near to ceiling level as you can. Then, you can dress the windows with long-length curtain rods, or drapes. Make sure to keep the shades neutral for a stylish look.

If you do not want curtains, you can install window trim. Dark or charcoal wood trim provides a stunning contrast while lighter trims look modern. There’s something in luxurious spaces that we are drawn to. Try to recreate the feelings that it provides in your own home.

5. Avoid Cluttering

To support the notion that “Less is more,” begin by decluttering your home by adding some practical and beautiful elements. Choose a minimalist style using monochromatic colours and clear lines. You can play with only three or two colours and materials. For minimalists, Stone and wood are the best options. Choose elements such as lighting fixtures and furniture, wall panels and furniture that are all in one colour and give you a sleek and elegant look. Simple decor items exude elegance and confidence that can help you create an elegant home on a budget.

6. Add Luxury Foot Rugs

A luxury foot rug can do wonders for your overall room decor. You can place a rug underneath your dining table or in the living room, or even beside your bed. Take your time to select a rug that matches your home’s theme and color and it must be the perfect size to fit your space.

7. Choose Paint With Care

A little paint goes a long way, definitely when it comes to your budget. Paint light walls dark or dark walls light. Be aware that dark walls require more light paint rather than the reverse. If you decide to choose to go dark or light, pick neutral shades like beige, cinnamon charcoal, midnight blue and grey.

8. Vintage Decor Pieces

Vintage Decor is making an impressive return to interior design in the past few years. From classic furniture to modern antiques, spotting hidden treasures in antique stores is the best way to give your home a unique look and a hint of luxury to a space on a tight budget.

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