Accents & decorations are an important part of creating a beautiful, welcoming, and personal home! Here are 13 accents/ decorations EVERY home needs. Make sure you use all the decor accessories on today’s list in your home! A must-read!

How about a few TRAYS?

We LOVE trays! They can be used to serve food, use as a bed tray, stash books and magazines in, and more! They are our favourite home decor accessory because they are so versatile! 

My favourite way to use trays is to create pretty themes in them! Right now I have one tray with shells in my living room, a tray of flowers in the dining room, and gorgeous tray of candles in my drawing room. 

Candles, Candle Holders, Tea Lights and Lanterns 

Candle and candlesticks are not just for late-night dinners. They are fabulous accents you can add to your decor to give your home a layer of WOW!

I like to add them to trays, put them in bookshelves or on side tables. 

Candles add much needed height to our flat surface furnishings!

PILLOWS as accessories

Pillows are like room jewelry! Immediate shine and show. 

They can be used on sofas, chairs, beds, and even peeking out of baskets. 

Make sure you read A CASUAL PILLOW ARRANGEMENT YOU SHOULD TRY and 5 NO FAIL PILLOW ARRANGEMENTS. What an easy way to arrange pillows on a sofa!

Try THROWS for the winters

Throws add color, texture and so much “pretty”. Every room (except bathrooms and kitchens) needs the softness and fluff of a throw! Think of them as essential decor!

A little tip… use a throw over a chair, bed, and/or sofa you are not crazy about and it seems to make the offending furniture look far less offensive! 

And a throw is a fabulous way to add an accent color! Choose throws with different weights, textures, and feel. 

Here’s a pretty and helpful post about 6 WAYS TO STYLE A THROW

Vases and Planters are essential in décor

So many types to choose from – Small, tall, round, wide-mouth, glass, ceramic, and more! They are an important part of any home decorating!

Think beyond holding flowers and twigs and leaves. Yes, they are great at that but they can also stand alone as an object d’ art!

Collect a well-curated stash of vases to use in every room!

Bowls and Dishes for every room

Don’t overlook another fabulous collectible – dishware. Choose pretty decorative bowls or plates to add a bit of color to your room. Also, you can get a little wild and decorative dishware that does not necessarily blend into the rest of your decor, causing a bit of much needed visual tension in a room.

See how to make this PRETTY AND EASY CENTERPIECE using a gold tone bowl.

FLOWERS – Real and Faux 

Flowers are gorgeous things and add immediate charm to a room. If you don’t have access to the real thing, think about finding a very realistic faux. Here’s my rule, if you cannot tell if something is real or faux from one foot away then the faux is fabulous! I love organic moss balls and use them to fill bowls for a pretty look! You can create them yourself and they are so easy to make. See the TEXTURED MOSS BALL DIY HERE.

MIRRORS add light and brightness

I think every room in your home deserves a mirror! They are magical, adding extra light and an artful element to any room. 

We usually use large mirrors but forget small ones. And they can add so much interest to a wall or bookshelf!

Shape is very important when choosing a mirror. You might want to “mirror” shapes in your room. For example, if you have a round coffee table you might want to add a round mirror to the wall.

I particularly love mirrors grouped together on a wall. They fill up a wall like a big mirror and are so interesting! 

We often don’t think of them as accent decorations for your home, but they are!

Accent LAMPS

We love love accent lamps. They are useful and add tons of beauty/ interest and height to a room!

Think floor lamps, table lamps, task lamps, accent lamps, and more!

Here’s my take on lighting. I don’t like to spend tons on this accessory. There are so many really well-made, designer-style lamps in the market today. But here’s where I will spend an extra Rupee or two… on the shade!

A cheap shade will give your accent lamp away! Spend a bit and get a great lampshade that is a little larger than you think you need. 


We must admit we have quite a weakness for baskets! They are full of texture and can be the best decor items to stash lots of things away and out of sight! 

I use them to put pillows in and as a container for plants. There are so many uses for baskets!Go for baskets with interesting textures, designs, weaves, and shapes!


Family pictures in small and cute frames add so much warmth to the decor! 

Pictures help you create memories of the growth and memorable times of your family. 

There you go! Lots of home decor accessory ideas and lots of our favourites! 

Use this post to look over every room in your home to see if you are taking advantage of these decor essentials and using them to create beauty in your home.


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