8 Modern Living Room Trends 2022 You Cannot Miss

The newest trends in living room designs in 2022 will have many options for all. You can opt for the peaceful and relaxing, back-to-nature styles which include plants and earthy colours or go for a more creative modernist style, from multi-coloured rug designs to mix and match soft furniture.

Trends in decor can provide all the ideas you need to redesign your home, whether it’s redesigning the whole space using fashionable paint colours and investing in the latest fashions in bobble sofas, or updating your furniture with new styles.

Stay updated with the latest living room trends to redecorate your living room for the next year. Here are some suggestions from some of the best interior designers to redecorate your living space:

1. Pastels are here to stay

Pastels are in full bloom right now and are gaining admiration from interior designers and homeowners alike. We expect to see more pastels in living rooms in 2022 and beyond. Pastels are a great way to give a bit of a traditional look to your living room without the risk of overdoing it. In living rooms, the trend is more towards blush and pale pink colours.

2. Colour coordination

Colour coordination is a great and quick way to add style to your home interiors. We suggest using colour coordinations that work well together to give your home interiors a luxe look.

3. Bring outdoors in

By bringing outdoors in, we mean that we expect to see more natural elements like wood, bamboo, and plants in living room interiors. Wood creates a sense of warmth and character in an interior design. It works for traditional and contemporary homes.

Woods with a rustic style are trending in the present, with more rough textures and grain popular in warm living room designs.

4. Maximalized rugs

Vibrant and maximalized rugs are the newest trend in living room designs. These can help you add a pop of colour to your living room and may also be the focal point for your room. High-quality luxe rugs are a great addition to your room decor.

5. Vintage works

Vintage is back in style. We believe that people are more likely to recycle old furniture and/or accessories to not just be more mindful of sustainability but also to be more accommodating towards their spending budgets. This is also a fantastic occasion to experiment by tackling DIY projects and refurbishing.

6. Pretty florals

In the timeless springtime fashion, there is nothing that signals the start of the season more than the blooms of a flower. The subtle, yet powerful nature of flowers can bring an entirely new dimension to any decor, modern or traditional.

In the past we’ve seen tropical, painting-like florals, chintz and huge blooms, however, in 2022, we’ve seen flowers emerge with a natural look like buttercups, poppies and foxgloves thriving wild.

7. Japandi trend

Scandinavian design and Japan-inspired styles have been popular for a long time, but the new trend of combining the two known as Japandi is taking off.

Japandi is the fastest-growing trend in interior design in 2022. The two styles of design share more similarities than one can imagine. Both are focused on simple and natural elements as well as the feeling of comfort.

Most interior designers recommend that you focus on natural materials like bamboo and wood that are not finished to bring out the blend of Scandinavian functionality with Japanese minimalism.

8. Durable and stain-resistant fabrics

The focus is shifting towards more family-friendly fabrics which are usually durable, stain resistant and can withstand everyday life’s wear and tear. Some examples of these fabrics include wool, leather, and denim. Durability is a non-negotiable in modern living room design.

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