7 Questions To Ask An Interior Designer Before Hiring Them

Your home interiors reflect your personality and style. Hence, your interior designers must be capable of catering to your design and aesthetic needs. Before choosing an interior designer for your home interiors, these are some questions you must ask them.

What’s your style? Or what do you specialize in?

If you’ve got an exact idea of the look or style you’d like to have in your home, it’s recommended to find out whether the designer you’re hiring is skilled in that style or not. You don’t want the home that you have envisioned to be managed by amateurs, do you? If your designer has a specific style they are well-known for, look up their portfolio.

What do you prioritize while planning?

As a homeowner, you must be keeping a mental list of the things you must have within your home. You’ll need your designer to plan the most important expenditures within your budget. Are you looking for a major design or aesthetic for your home? Knowing the priorities of your designer regarding your home can help avoid conflicts at the end of the process too.

How much time will it take to complete my home design?

If you’re a first-time homeowner, you’ll be eager to move into your new house as soon as you can. In any event, having a clear deadline is essential for any home improvement project. As a homeowner, you must be happy with the deadlines your designer proposes. Therefore, ask for a change and then wait for D-Day!

How do you charge and would you be able to work within my budget?

When you hire an interior designer, the budget concerns should be discussed in the beginning. It’s not a good idea to begin work on a new home only to discover that the budget isn’t enough or excessive. It is recommended to interview a couple of different designers to determine an idea of what your project’s budget should be.

Do you welcome client involvement or do you prefer to work on your own?

This question will help you find out if your interior designer will consider your likes and dislikes, and whether or not will they incorporate your suggestions into the design. You must have some degree of control over the design so that you can customize it to your liking.

What happens if I don’t like the design?

The initial presentation of the design could be a big hit and at other times, it’s a huge failure. Don’t let this deter you. Be aware that design evolves constantly. Your personal style is constantly changing. It isn’t easy to design the perfect interior for you. Make sure to keep using your social media boards of inspiration and always go back to the sketchboard to present new ideas. Keep an open mind, prepare yourself for some design risks and honestly express your feelings.

Do you offer after-sales support?

This is a question you must ask to know whether your interior designer will stay in touch with you post-completion of the project or not. The process of designing a beautiful home comes with a lot of responsibility. Be sure that the design team you select will handle everything with the same elegance as they put into the design of your ideal home. Know what isn’t negotiable and ensure that nothing is overlooked when you are designing your home.

We hope this list of questions for your home interior designers helps choose the right designer to help you design your dream home.

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