7 Common Interior Design Mistakes That Most Designers Make

Interior Design is an art and it takes a keen eye for design and a knowledgeable person for the right execution of design for your space. Interior design professionals know that lighting, colour, room dimensions, scale and the placement of things that appear in space decide if they can make or break a room design.

There are numerous common mistakes that every homeowner makes when planning their interiors. This article will explore the top 8 common mistakes that most interior designers make and how to avoid these mistakes:

Bad Lighting
Lighting can entirely switch up the appearance and feel of a room. While good lighting can enhance your home decor, bad lighting can ruin the entire mood. When lighting up a room, you must take into account both natural light as well as lighting fixtures. Moreover, lighting colours must be carefully selected. Warm lights can make a room look cozy and comfortable. On the other hand, bright lights can energize the room and increase productivity.

Arrangement Of Accessories And Collections
One big mistake most designers make is not accessorizing the space properly. The walls that lack colour or artwork look dull and leave your home feeling incomplete. A large piece of artwork can make a huge impression on a room.

Accent walls are a great option to turn a plain wall into an impressive focal feature. No matter if you pick a bold colour, a painted pattern or wallpaper, or even a wall mural An accent wall can provide interest and colour to the space.

Scale is the most common mistake made by almost everyone in interior design. It’s likely since it takes a sharp eye to decorate a space with an impeccable scale. A lot of people pile too many things of small size in their rooms, creating a mess and not giving the eyes space to rest.

Some people put an excessive amount of bulky, large items into one room which makes it appear crowded and tiny. The key to having a balanced scale is to mix different shapes, heights, and dimensions. If you have the right proportions, your space is on its way to success in design.

Not having a focal point
A well-designed space begins with the focal point. The focal point serves as an area of focus and assists in anchoring the space. It must be a prominent feature that attracts attention and gives the eyes where it belongs upon entering the space. Architectural features like windows or fireplaces make up the majority of popular focal factors.

Without a focal feature architecturally the biggest object in the space typically is the centre of attention. The room can be a focal point, it could be a couch, bed, or even a desk. Large artwork is also a good focus point and allows you to show off your unique style.

Placing Furniture Right Against The Wall
Unless you’ve got a tiny space, and there’s no other way to get around it, putting all of your furniture against the wall can result in an uncomfortable arrangement. This typically leaves huge empty spaces and can result in furniture that’s distant from conversations.

To get the proper spacing, you can try setting your sofa in the living room in front of your focal point, with enough space behind it for the flow of traffic to be fluid. Remember that you must give at least 30 inches to allow people to move around between furniture. A distance of between 14-18 inches between a coffee table and a sofa will make sure that beverages are easily accessible.

Aesthetics Over Comfort
One of the biggest mistakes designers make is choosing aesthetics over comfort. Your home is your haven, your safe space. It has to be comfortable over anything. A home that appears like it’s in the pages of an interior magazine can be wonderful, but living within the home could be a different story. It is important to be practical and honest with your expectations and to make sure your design is not just gorgeous but also functional.

Cluttering The Environment
Even the most stunning areas look less attractive when they’re cluttered. Cleaning out your home of clutter won’t just make your home appear better, but also let you have more time and ease stress within your home. Begin by getting rid of items you don’t require.

To stop clutter from resurfacing, consider adding helpful organizational ideas to your decor. Consider the places where clutter gathers in your house and come up with solutions that are beneficial for your family and you.

These were some of the common mistakes that most designers make in the interior design space. At Wagma Designs, Interior Designers in Gurgaon, our experienced designers have extensive design knowledge and can help you create beautiful spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

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