Every window at your home requires a perfect complement. If you treat your windows right, they can become the focal point of the room. So, make your room complete and windows central by giving the right treatment. You can opt for various window treatments depending upon your requirement. But something that has been in vogue forever is curtains. Yes, curtains are more or less the perfect fit in every home. However, there is a lot of variety that you get in curtains today, making it essential that you make your wise choice. The American interior designer Michael S Smith makes an excellent point about curtains: ‘they should enhance the room not overwhelm it. One way to update the look and feel of your home without spending a fortune is to refresh your window treatments. The intentional addition of fabric instantly updates the atmosphere in just a few minutes, and depending on your choices can also make your home much more livable with better thermal performance.  These are the top 5 big curtain design trends we see in 2020.

 Roller shades Curtains

If you are interested in roller shades that can darken a room with its darker shades, or filter the light of a room with its lighter shades. The different colors of the shades will determine whether it will filter or darken a room. This kind of variety is rare for roller shades. Allowing one of the slimmest light gaps that are only shorter by about half an inch on either side, your room is guaranteed to be dark no matter how bright it is outside. You will not need to worry about cutting the shade when it arrives, either. This is great if you are new at installing roller shades, and is even a convenience if you are experienced at it.

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Start at the Ceiling Curtains

As the name suggests starting at the ceiling means the curtain is started from the top i.e. ceiling and end at the bottom.  They are quite long, and layover on the floor a lot but you can easily hang them high enough for that to not be a problem. With these as the sheer curtain with a blackout on top so I could only go so high to accommodate the blackout curtain length. They provide a great touch to your room. There are some luxury interior designers in Gurgaon who gives a stylish look to your room by these Ceiling Curtains.

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Retro Style Curtains

Fashion has often taken the past as inspiration. Retro curtains selection for the very best in unique or custom. Now is the time to embrace retro. Geometric shapes and bold prints are great to add character to your home. Keep it cool and fresh with chic, low-slung furniture and don’t be afraid to add vibrant colors such as yellows, oranges, and greens to give your room that 70s vibe.

Wallpaper Style Curtains

Wallpaper can change how a certain room is perceived and it can mean the difference between a well-decorated room and a corny looking dungeon. A big part of decorating any room is the color and pattern combinations used on the walls and curtains. If you don’t choose pairings that complement each other, your design can look too bland or completely insane. So you can decorate the window with the curtain similar to the wallpaper or looking like wallpaper.

 Floral Embroidered Curtains

This curtain carries a sentimental meaning thanks to its floral murals. The excellent choice of fabric offers the best combination of good looks and light blocking that we’ve seen yet. You should also consider the size of the floral patterns on the curtains regarding the room size. Usually, curtains with large floral patterns become overwhelming in small spaces, while they add coziness to larger ones.


So these are some top curtain trends in 2020. These will help you to enhance your interior. One way to update the look and feel of your home without spending a fortune is to refresh your window treatments. .Wagma designs are an interior designer in Gurgaon they provide luxury interior designers in Gurgaon

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