5 tips to keep your home cozy this winters

This is the season to exchange all your warm-weather linen and furniture for one that is far more appropriate for the colder months. You might love your light and airy fabrics, but you’ll be reaching for something to make your room feel comfortable when the first taste of winter rolls inside. There are a variety of functional and pretty options to make your home comfortable this season, from pillows and throws and plush warm fabrics to heaters and fireplaces.

There is absolutely no need for a full redesign of your furniture and décor, but we appreciate your loyalty to the seasons. Winterizing your home can be achieved without investing thousands of dollars per season on a renovation in just a few easy measures. Wagma Designs, Best Interior Design Company in Gurgaon has five steps you can take, all winter and year long, to keep your home cozy.

Get new bedding

Wagma Designs suggests that it can be as practical to adjust your bedding for the colder months as it can be a welcome cosmetic upgrade. You can swap your jet pillow covers for fluffy velvet covers and exchange your thin blanket for a smooth, silky faux fur jet that looks good all season long and keeps you warm. Switching color schemes can also improve. It can’t hurt a colder and darker range of covers, but most importantly, you need to think about your comforter. The thin quilt may have worked for the summer months, but winter is here. To keep you warm, upgrade to a down comforter that’s going to do all the work. This all-season award-winning version has a filling capacity of 700, which means it’s thick and fluffy enough to battle even the toughest winters.

Install Fireplace

Sometimes, the central heat just won’t cut it. Whether it’s a draught, it’s a lofty room, or you’re just particularly sensitive to the bite of winter, you might need a little extra to take the pressure off. A portable fireplace or heater is just going to do a trick. Although it’s not going to replace the central system, it will easily warm up a small room and give you an open fire vibe of roasting chestnuts. Although your aesthetics will not be suited to a portable heater, this fireplace is definitely not. It looks like the fire is floating because of its sleek and sexy glass box style. Not only does this ventilated ethanol fireplace design provide a nice view of the blaze, but it also warms up space like a traditional fireplace would do. It’s self-contained, so wherever you go, the fireplace will follow you.

Add mood lighting

Not only does this trick work throughout the winter, but throughout the year. Switching up your lighting will make the room cozier immediately, no matter the outside temperature. There are almost infinite possibilities for generating this mood lighting. Although it may not be for you to keep your Christmas lights up all season long, you can still get the shine. The sophisticated option is to fire your twinkly lights into a cloche, but for something a little more lasting, the ideal solution is to swap your bulbs for warmer LED lights and get shaded lamps to create ambiance. This table lamp is a fantastic choice because it can be relocated at a moment’s notice from room to room, and the shade of the glass globe will help give off the perfect amount of light. For the season, the shiny copper base also gives it a festive touch.

Build a cozy little nook.

This time of year, it is important to have a good place to curl up. You’ll need somewhere to bundle yourself up with your seasonal drink of choice and either the remote or a good book after coming in from the cold. A comfortable chair is the pillar of every good nook. In this faux boucle edition, Cocoon yourself. The fabric alone will have you wanting to nestle deep into this seat, and the back and curved arms of the supportive chair just add to the comfortable feeling. With a warm reading lamp above and with a warm faux fur throw and pillow, you can finish your nook. Even if you do not use this chair to create a separate nook, as an accent chair in a larger room, it will be a great addition.

Give warm look to the decor

Much like your clothes during the winter, layering your decor is a trendy and inexpensive way to create a whole new look. You can use your current furniture as a base and stack of accessories, ideally in this season, fabrics such as velvet and faux fur. Buying a bunch of new pillows and adding them to your existing set just makes it more lustrous and comfortable. You can do the same by tossing blankets and even candles to get the smell of the season blowing around you. One of the most modern ways to make this look happen is by layering rugs. This trendy concept positions the shag or higher-pile rug, generally in a smaller or different shape, on top of the lower-pile version. This time of year, make your top rug a shaggy sheepskin that adds texture and warmth to any room. It’s going to be like stepping into a Swiss chalet.

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