10 ways to decorate your home this festive season

To help the unique “New Year feeling” get quicker, make everything in your house look festive. Every winter we decorate our homes, wishing to give a new feeling to both ourselves and our loved ones. But you don’t have to run to the store for toys, candles, and garlands – you can create a holiday atmosphere with your own handmade decorations.



Decorate with Candles!

Dim the lights and arrange the candles around the house to make New Year’s Eve truly special. Feel free to make your own: use cans, flower pots, and cones; maybe even spice stuff with a few cinnamon sticks.

Try Handmade Stuff!

Try a homemade approach for Christmas decorations as well: use clay or playdough with the addition of felt or velvet, form and stitch a few simple toys. Don’t you want to sew? Not a concern, though. Glass balls and old light bulbs may also be made into ornaments. For this reason, cover the surface of a ball or a light bulb with glue and roll it into a plate full of glitter.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are guaranteed to create a festive atmosphere. They hang practically anywhere in the best atmosphere: on the stairs, the ceilings, the walls, and the shelves, along with the doors, and, of course, on your Christmas tree. You make plain garlands out of paper or foil.



Small Decoration Pieces

A miniature Christmas tree consisting of cones, buttons, lace, yarn, or colored stickers would be a lovely piece of decoration. Decorate it with sparkles, beads, and ribbons, and have tough competition for your fellow conifers.

Make Drawings

Don’t forget to decorate your windows with hand-drawn ‘made of snow’ designs. Cut out models using thick paper to do this. Mix the toothpaste with a pinch of water. Then, just put the toothpaste mixture on of template and stick it to the window.

Delicious Garlands

If you’re looking for a fresh, new way to decorate your home for the coming holidays, make fragrant ginger cookies. Don’t forget to make two tiny holes in each cookie with a straw before placing them in the oven. When your cookies are baked and cooled, loop the ribbon through the holes and treat your house to an initial edible garland.



A little Nostalgia

Don’t limit yourself to tinsel, garlands, and toys while decorating a Christmas tree. A few printed family pictures peeling out of the pine needles can make your holidays even more special to your family.

Fun for Kids

Don’t forget to make imaginative children’s New Year’s decorations! Simply fill in tiny glass jars with toys and miniature Christmas trees and add ‘snow’ (rice or cotton).

Warm and Cozy Ornaments


You can make a festive holiday decoration out of something. And, yes, it includes old scarves and jumpers. Closely wrap each Christmas ball ornament in woolen cloth, then tie the fabric at the base of each ball with a ribbon – that’s it! Hang and enjoy these little woolly guys around the house.

Welcome Decorations

Don’t forget the dinner table: start by adding a fancy table runner to your usual tablecloth. Basic linen napkins can be dressed up with a little sprig of evergreen or folded into a Christmas tree or a sweet snowman. Complete your table setting with scented candles and a centerpiece Christmas wreath.

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