Residential interior design

Interiors that Manifest the Real You!

“Wagma Designs” has got a subtle sense of beauty and royalty. A good space interior reflects the overall persona of the people and boosts up their mood. It creates an atmosphere where every detail of the space seems to be full of life. The dawning of our interior designing consultation involves initial space planning and using the 3D salvets designs help us in coming up with the actual space, reflecting the post-completion look.

Transforming Your Space

During the planning session, we take each and every concern and requirement of our clients into consideration. We keep a sharp and detailed eye on the specifications of our patrons by analyzing every concept. After we are done with the concept analyzation, our interior consulting experts help you choose the perfect material, hues or furnishings for your home or commercial space.

Statement in Style

We believe that art is an integral part of the residential interior designing. If the design is the body, then art is the soul of a home or an architecture. For us, decorating the walls and designing every corner have as much importance as artifying every object such as floor, ceiling, walls, doors, kitchen, washroom and furnishing etc.

Home Interior Design

Our astute understanding of the modulation of home decor makes us one of the flexible home interior designers in India. Wagma Designs along with its team of interior designers and Architectects have worked consistently build a reputation of being the most aesthetically sound and technologically advanced design firm in Gurugram.

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Villa Interior Design

The offerings at Wagma Designs are not limited to just home and office interiors but the professionals have produced brilliant quintessential designs for exotic villas as well. Our designs don’t deviate from the professional decor/ work culture yet are strikingly appealing in comparison to other luxurious establishments.

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Apartment Interior Design

interior reflects the overall persona of the people and boosts up their mood. It creates an atmosphere where every detail of the space seems to be full of life. The dawning of our apartment interior design involves initial space planning and using the 3D salves which helps us in coming up with the actual space, reflecting the post-completion look.

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Kitchen Interior Design

A kitchen is a place where you start your day. It should be special and uniquely built. Keeping this in mind, Wagma Designs offers impeccable art and designs to their patrons by the assistance of the interior designers and skilled artisans who collaborate with one another to give a perfect and desired decor to the kitchen.

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Living Room Interior Design

A Living Room, undoubtedly, flaunts your lifestyle. It is one of the most lived-in rooms in our homes and should be designed and decorated with creative ideas. After all, it is the initial interaction point for your guests, thus, you have to be a bit choosy while decorating it, so, it will leave a lasting impression on visitors.

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Bathroom Interior Design

A cleaned and well-designed bathroom manifests the inner you. It has been seen in a study that the people who visit your place judge you by the look and feel of your washroom. In fact, your bathroom interior designs reflect your attitude towards your hygiene and personality maintenance. If you too are thinking of remodeling your resting place, then Wagma Designs would be the right option for you.

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Bedroom Interior Design

Elaborate it little more when it comes to designing our bedrooms, no one wants to compromise on the ethnicity of Bedroom Interior Designs. The presence of a headboard is attributed to be the focal point of the bedroom’s interior. Coupling it with complementary furnishings gives it a masterstroke finish.

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Balcony Interior Design

We believe in bringing nature into daily lives. A balcony gives an appealing look to your space. When built perfectly, it gives the esthetic and elegant architectural look. Moreover, the integration of a balcony greatly affects the market value of your house. And therefore, it is crucial to design your balcony after a profound analysis.

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Puja Room Interior Design

Puja Room is one of the indispensable parts of every Indian family. You may or may not have a balcony, but the presence of a puja room is essential for every house when it comes to spirituality and positivity. All the positive energies travel through the puja room, contributing to your health, wealth and happiness.

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Kids Room Interior Design

Wagma Designs believes in designing room interior for kids in the most pleasing, pragmatic, and purposeful manner. Our forte is to build an encouraging environment for the children that can stimulate them to think, imagine, create, learn, and grow smartly. As a parent, you expect the space for your kids to be comfortable and inspiring for them. And that’s what our strength is.

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