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Kids room interior design

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"Wagma Designs" believes in designing room interior for kids in the most pleasing, pragmatic, and purposeful manner. Our forte is to build an encouraging environment for the children that can stimulate them to think, imagine, create, learn, and grow smartly. As a parent, you expect the space for your kids to be comfortable and inspiring for them. And that’s what our strength is!

Our Vast Experience

By leveraging our decades of experience, we have delved deeper into the chemistry of colour and graphics. Our knowledge and expertise have inspired us to create unique and customized environments for preschoolers, day cares, children's clinics, and hospitals. And not to mention, residences.

Interiors that Educate

Today, using custom-made ergonomic services, wall graphics and other sensory and

specialised components, we have partnered with the leading educators in India and abroad to integrate design with curriculum to simplify learning and make it comprehensible.

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Kids room interior design in Gurgaon